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Stone Blasting Chemicals

Stone Blasting Chemicals

Easy Blast is a Bangalore-based company that offers premium quality stone cracking powder at affordable prices. At Easy Blast, we believe in using green or earth-friendly techniques in construction and demolition. That’s why, we consistently strive to produce stone blasting chemicals that are not only powerful, but also are safe on the environment.

Our Research and Development team is constantly updating their knowledge on the latest advancements in science and technology in order to produce eco-friendly chemicals for rock breaking in India. Easy Blast produces rock breaking chemicals that are non-hazardous and non-toxic. Plus, the demolition agents do not cause any vibration or sound during the explosion.

The residue formed after the blast is non-toxic. It can be easily washed away using water. The expansive powder causes a huge split in the boulder, which will make it easy to demolish the rock and use it for various purposes.

Contact Easy Blast to order premium quality chemical for rock breaking in India. We offer one-day shipping for all orders within Bangalore. For orders out of the city, we will take two to three days to ship your order, depending on the location. Fill up the enquiry form on our website to get details about our stone blasting chemicals